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The TimeWaver BIZ system is a quantum physical interface able to connect to the information field of your company and its environment. The purpose of the analysis is to uncover and illustrate the influences and disharmonies acting in the background of your company. Using an extensive database containing all important business aspects and processes TimeWaver BIZ offers business owners, CEO's and managers the opportunity to access deeper levels of information influencing the success of the company or departments. Better insights, better overview, and better discernment allow for more informed decisions at the right time.

Areas of Application

  1. Strategic orientation and decisions
  2. Investment decisions
  3. Finance and liquidity planning
  4. Future development prognosis
  5. Risk analysis
  6. Analysis of company weaknesses
  7. Product optimization
  8. Branding and marketing
  9. Human Resources
  10. Balancing of personal stress factors   
  11. Conflict resolution
  12. Office optimization

Benefits of Quantum Physics in business

  1. Informed decisions based on detailed background information
  2. Review of potential risks by examining additional information
  3. Additional insights into the hidden potentials of the company and its employees
  4. Thorough assessment and prediction of planned investments or projects
  5. Identification of specific weaknesses within the company or a project
  6. Positive influence and optimization of the information field to assist in desired goals and achievements

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The existence of information fields as well as TimeWaver analysis and optimization are not accepted scientifically. The information field analysis is to be understood as a probability ranking by means of stochastic processes.

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