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Apart from genetic dispositions, environmental influences, family history, diet, and other external factors, our health and wellbeing are influenced by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Who we are today is, to a large extent, based on external influences, past experiences, our interpretation of the present, and the choices we make based on those interpretations. For centuries, spiritual teachers and diverse forms of traditional healing know that for complete recuperation to take place, one has to go beyond addressing the physical aspects. Unless the information or energy associated with the physical imbalance is released, further symptoms may occur in different parts of the body.

A TimeWaver Analysis highlights the invisible influences affecting us in all areas of our life and offers suggestions on how to balance them. Ten different levels, including the physiological, toxic, energetic, and psychological are analyzed for interferences, ideally finding the deeper disturbances of the current imbalanced situation. An extensive database and a variety of different modules, such as Aura Analysis, TimeLine, and Meridian Module offer further insights into the existing situation. This is truly a holistic approach.


1. A holistic analysis of individual symptoms, physical or psychological
TimeWaver is focused on viewing and analyzing a person's health holistically. The root causes of imbalances experienced by individuals vary; hence, they are carefully examined through the information field analysis and balancing.

2. Identification of causes
TimeWaver uses various systems and approaches to identify the causes of diseases or imbalances. For instance, in the HRV analysis, various parameters are used to identify the stressor of mind and body and proper measures are offered to diminish or eliminate stress.

3. Creation of individualized treatment plans
Every client is unique and every case is different. With this in mind, TimeWaver creates individualized treatment plans using all available systems holistically. These treatment plans can easily be maintained at home through the TimeWaver Home. This device contains a wide range of programs for specific indications and can be programmed to each client's individual needs. The system also offers special compilations of energetic-systemic treatments that support various other therapies.

4. Provision of support for the desired change
Using the all the available different systems and programs, we provide support to our clients to help them achieve the change they desire.

5. Joint development of a roadmap
We involve our clients in creating their personal roadmap to achieve consistent well-being and success, be it for individuals or companies.

6. Regular follow-ups and monitoring of the progress
Regular follow-ups monitor a client's progress and ensure steady improvement. This is particularly important for clients with chronic diseases, severe health conditions or in working with companies. Many different aspects have to be taken into consideration; creating a lasting change often depends on the readiness and ability to incorporate the necessary changes.

7. Personal care and support
The TimeWaver SEA team sees the human being in every client. We do our best to ensure that our clients are cared for and supported in their individual needs.

Furthermore, TimeWaver offers corrective solutions on various levels to optimize the client's information field.

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The existence of information fields as well as TimeWaver analysis and optimization are not accepted scientifically. The information field analysis is to be understood as a probability ranking by means of stochastic processes.
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