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Sport & Wellness

TimeWaver provides success in sports and wellness with its special training programs. The programs have been designed to support you with your fitness goals and help you achieve inner balance.


The programs include:

  • Muscle strengthening - to protect your body by preventing pain and enhancing performance. Before you begin your workout, you will be professionally monitored by a TimeWaver fitness partner. You will then receive an individual frequency therapy program, tailored via your own information field.

  • Deep relaxation – this allows for your body to regenerate and is vital for optimum concentration, vitality, and endurance in today’s stressful world. This program offers calming neural stimulation through selected frequencies and helps you to fully relax both mentally and physically.

  • Weight loss – constant and lasting weight loss can be achieved by supporting your metabolism and its function of processing chemicals in your body. The treatment aims to encourage fat burning by the body and therefore stimulate weight loss.
  • Performance improvement – when all the most important aspects of your life are balanced and your mind and body are strong, you can you achieve optimal performance. This program aims to support the body’s own regulatory mechanisms and endorphin production. By improving your oxygen uptake and stimulating the creation of red blood cells within the blood circulatory system, your heart muscle will improve and thus enhance your vitality and performance.
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Science and conventional medicine do not acknowledge the existence of information fields and, therefore the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence. Our TimeWaver results are based on treatment options, experiences and anecdotal reports from other practitioners as well as our own.

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