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Systemic Therapy
Systemic Therapy

With TimeWaver, it is possible to analyse the quality of your relationships in the information field. We are all born into and part of a family that we are forever connected. This family system influences our perceptions, actions, relationships and health. Systemic therapy enables you to identify entanglements within a constellation and resolve them.

One can either focus on family, groups or a team in a company, where everyone is affecting each other’s behaviour. It illustrates your relationship dynamics with others and the strength of them. Most relationships are affected by conditioning or misunderstandings that lead to misinterpretations.

By recognising the individual nature and aspects of yourself, you will have a greater understanding of your own ‘being’ and the people within your environment. Knowing this can help resolve conflict and offer mutual understanding and cooperation in a ‘relaxed’ state.

Systemic therapy:

  1. Detects family constellations
  2. Optimises life areas and themes
  3. Offers transformative affirmations
  4. Provides meditative solutions
  5. Enables the releasing of ingrained patterns and beliefs
  6. Identifies and resolves prenatal patterns


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Science and conventional medicine do not acknowledge the existence of information fields and, therefore the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence. Our TimeWaver results are based on treatment options, experiences and anecdotal reports from other practitioners as well as our own.

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