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Being someone who struggles at School, I feel that TimeWaver has really helped me change the way I look at things and it helped me get into the International Baccalaureate. I used to have Learning Support when I was in grade 9 and Grade 10 to help me understand the subject matter better.  I am someone who can’t concentrate for long, or doesn’t like to learn. I often get anxiety when I walk into an examination room, my mind goes completely blank and I have no idea what to do or write.   

However, it kind of changed when my mum told me to use Time Waver Home every day for three weeks. My concentration got better, I started to understand things better and I began having less anxiety when I walked into examination rooms. I could see a change because I used to be a grade F student when it came to Biology or History and my teachers thought I wouldn’t have been able to pass the end of year examinations. However, using TimeWaver Home and studying hard I was able to prove them wrong as I passed with a solid C grade, which showed me that I had the ability to do well in exams and it all started to turn around with the TimeWaver Home.    

Isabel Schmoelz, Student, UK 12/2016  

I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in October 2015. After I got discharged from the hospital I was introduced to TimeWaver Home by Antoinette and Dr. Ursula Zirngibl. Since I started to use the TimeWaver Home, I notice a lot of changes in me. I feel calmer and emotionally more balanced. My appetite has returned, and I feel more energized. I am so happy about that. Oh, and then my partner noticed that I don’t snore so much anymore either. Thank you so much Mdm Antoinette and Dr.  Ursula. God bless.    


Ron, Worker, Singapore 07/2016   


I am a light sleeper and due to stress during the time I was working on my Masters Thesis I could not sleep properly for 4 days. I would wake up multiple times in the middle of the night and in the morning, I would be exhausted. So I tried the Sleep disorder program before going to bed. During the program, I noticed that I started to feel relaxed and was about to doze off. I finished the program and slept like a baby the whole night. I used that for two days and I started sleeping better even without using the program after that. Now I just switch on the deep relaxation program and put the TimeWaver Home next to me before going to bed. I sleep better and I am fresh as a daisy in the morning. 


Reshiv Nayar, Masters Student, Singapore, 01/2017 


With the loving and professional assistance of Antoinette and Dr. Ursula, I finally understand the causes of my headaches during my monthly cycle…parasites which is a total surprise to me. 
Since starting the TimeWaver Home, the headaches have become a thing in the past. On top of that, I have seen improvement in my overall energy level.   I get very well rested during my sleep at night and wake up refreshed. I feel so energetically wonderful and that has also helped me to push through and sustain some needed lifestyle changes that enhance the quality of my life. 

I trust that with the masses now being more aware of taking charge of their health, they will find TimeWaver Home a wonderful tool to have.   


Su Yee, Teacher, Singapore 01/2017


I have started treatment on TimeWaver Home mid-September 2016. Within the first month my cholesterol level went down to a level never registered before. Subsequently my BP stabilized at lower levels. My body is almost pain free (still WIP) and I have given up the knee guards I was using for the Gym and Golf. I am now undergoing treatment for Reflux. I strongly recommend this treatment for anyone wishing to restore balance in the organs of the body.   

Gopal Banerji, Singapore 02/2017   

Dear Antoinette,  
Today I have some good news. For the first time in over 2 months, my blood pressure being (162/90:62 and averaging 152/79:60) today 124/75:83. I have noticed a sturdy improvement in my blood pressure since starting the TimeWaver therapy. Also, since taking the TimeWaver therapy for the last 3 weeks, my mental clarity has improved greatly (On scale of 0 to 10, 10 being best) from a 2 to 8. My eye brightness has greatly improved. I can sleep throughout the night. The pain in my neck reduced (7 to 1) and my overall energy has noticeably improved to the point I feel energized to complete tasks (4 to 8, 10 being best). Thank you, Antoinette for your expertise and therapeutic guidance.   


Donald E. Harris, PhD, Singapore 10/2016   


“TimeWaver Home. It’s my friend. Within two days of having my friend at home, I felt so much better. An issue I was having with my neck and shoulder muscles, causing headaches, just vanished after my personalized programmed treatment. I feel as though I can turn my neck 360 degrees - it’s so great.   
My remedial massage therapist could see the difference with my muscles, all now relaxed and it made her feel redundant although I will go to her as nothing replaces some human touch to connect with the soul.  I look forward to having my friend around on call 24/7. It won’t perform an operation on me but I am sure it will help prevent one.” 


Ross Swan, Executive Coach, Singapore 01/2017    


TimeWaver Home is like my daily health and well-being assistant now. I experienced multiple benefits using TimeWaver Home.    

I have piroformis syndrome which triggers pain in my right hip and pain at the back of the leg along the sciatic nerve. This pain made it difficult to sit and work. I tried the general pain program and the sciatica program on the TimeWaver Home and after the local application with the sticky electrodes I experienced a lot of relief. The intensity of the pain decreased from a 10 to 3. I also started using TimeWaver Home at work and just placed it on my chair behind my hips. This enabled me to sit and work without any discomfort. 


Reshiv Nayar, Masters Student, Singapore  


I have had elevated resting heart rate (90-100s/bpm) due to a tight chest and throat caused by hacking cough.

Upon recommendation, I incorporated the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle Programs Pure, Balance & Energy into my daily treatment regime. My heart rate already stabilized (78-85bpm) upon using the Pure program. The Energy program gives me the support for a more consistent sustenance of energy. I was also able to keep medication to the minimum just as a support.


Su Yee, Teacher, Singapore 3/2017


I have been an active user of the TW Home over the last six months, and have found that regular use of its programs has provided several health benefits for me. I particularly find the programs for headaches, migraines, and gastrointestinal stomach aches extremely effective, providing me with instant relief. These programs have been ideal substitutes to the pain killers and gastric medication I needed to take for my problems.
I have also found the program which targets to improve the overall health of the organs beneficial as it started to help reduce my total cholesterol level within the first 2 months of actively using the treatment.

I highly recommend TW Home for people to try as an effective alternate form of therapy for resolving health issues. The machine is easy and convenient to use, with great professional expertise to guide you through your therapy by Antoinette Biehlmeier.

Zee Banerji, Singapore, 04/2017


"After using the TimeWaver Home for a few days I felt a difference in my school work. I was more focused and had more concentration in class. Before it was difficult to focus on my homework and I was very easily distracted. I feel different after using the TimeWaver... I also noticed that I am more confident to ask questions in class. It is easy to use while I listen to music or watch TV!"


Lea, 15 years old, Singapore


I had severe diarrhea and was at my wits end on what to do when I send Antoinette a WhatsApp and asked her if she could do a TimeWaver session for me. She responded immediately and I felt great relief already about one hour into the session. The diarrhea had finally stopped. The emotional causes described by the program where spot on and exactly what I was dealing with at that time. The session not only helped me physically but also emotionally as it helped me to refocus on what needed my attention at that point in time. Thank you, Antoinette!

Claudia Hofmaier, Complementary Health Professional, Singapore 5/2017

I worked with Antoinette in one session of Time Waver to assist my weight loss goals.

My plan was to adopt new healthy habits in a disciplined way to achieve a balanced body. At the time, I felt that despite a lot of inner emotional work over the years, and regular moderate exercise, my cells were 'stuck' in old programming, and I was physically holding on to old emotional weight, that I had already let go off internally some time ago. In my case, my outer was not reflecting my inner self (which had bloomed over the years of self-development work).

Based on the scan, Antoinette advised what I should cut from my diet and gave me an energized supplement. She also took me through a powerful guided visualization.

I was impressed by the information that was detected by Time Waver. Issues my foot reflexologist had been telling me about for years came up, even buried thoughts and emotions were spot on; Time Waver is amazing!! But it needs to be destroyed, because it seems to know everything about me. :)

The shift I felt the first month after the session was subtle but enough for me to achieve the discipline and perseverance to stick to my goals for good. I curbed my emotional eating and reached my weight loss goals in about 4-5 months. I have since maintained this for over a year. I have struggled with a poor self-image my whole life, yet I have never felt better about my body and self as I do right now. For the first time ever, I’m happy with myself inside and out, despite knowing I am not perfect.

Although I had intended to continue subsequent sessions with Antoinette, only that one session was enough for me to boost myself enough, to rework my (exercise and diet) life patterns. I truly feel as if some of my cells were rearranged or reset over time, and that this process after a year, is still happening.

Working with Antoinette is always an excellent experience, as she is so knowledgeable and wide in her interests in spirituality and wellness that you know you are working with an expert not just in Time Waver but in so many other modalities as well. She brings together all her top skills in her sessions and I always feel safe and confident in her hands. I highly recommend her.

Thank you, Antoinette!


Desirée Duclos, Complementary Health Professional, Singapore 5/2017


"For some reason, I have always sensed that everything is about energy. There is much more than what we can see with our human eyes. There is much more beyond what our analytical mind can scrutinize.

There is a whole universe outside and it is within this vast universe that I have found the beauty and utility of TimeWaver.

When I met Antoinette and her colleagues and they introduced me to the concept of Healing with Information Medicine, I felt very much attracted to it and I didn't hesitate to give it a try.
I had a session with Antoinette that was evidently eye opening in the sense that after it, I knew more clearly which parts of me (both physical, mental and emotional) needed to be taken care of. And to be honest, this is not a small thing to start with!

Apart from that, I have been using the TimeWaver Home for me and my family members and I have to say that after a while, I could observe shifts in behaviors (of course for the better) and also speed recovery from physical wounds. 

The most interesting part for me is that I have realized that a change in one person's behavior, initiated by the impulses of TimeWaver, creates a chain reaction that produces also changes in the people around, improving the quality of life for the whole family or environment. "

Roseta Urda, Life Coach, Singapore 5/2017



Science and orthodox medicine do not accept the existence of information fields, their possible medical or other relevance, the TimeWaver systems and their applications as well as the herein mentioned theories in regards to quantum physical research due to a lack of scientific proof in accordance with orthodox medicine standards, as well as the mentioned theories about noise processes, light quantum effects, energy and frequency medicine, bioresonance, consciousness resonances, organ coherence, oscillation patterns, time waves, wave genetics, phantom DNA, torsion waves, as well as the research of scientists such as Burkhard Heim, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, Nikola Tesla, Aaron Antonowski, Günther Haffelder, Prof. Robert G. Jahn, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Prof. Trofimov, Prof. Kaznacheev, Prof. Peter Gariaev and Marcus Schmieke in regards to the above mentioned theories and their technical implementation into TimeWaver. Information field medicine does not relate to the physical body but only relates to the informational body of a person. The herein mentioned statements have no medical, diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic relevance. TimeWaver Med does not replace the diagnosis and/or investigation and treatment by a medical doctor or naturopath and does not make any statement in relation to health issues. The medical professional therapist may not reject or leave out medically necessary steps to treat a patient. The statements from the various therapists as references in this brochure were being given between 2010 and 2013 and only reflect their personal views and experiences in regards to diagnosis and therapy. This brochure is meant for medical professionals only.

Important Notes for the Usage of TimeWaver Med:

The mentioned indications within the manual refer only to the “Microcurrent Module” which alone is a licensed and approved medical product class MP IIa in the EU within the TimeWaver Med software. The treatment of diseases other than that are not part of the medical intended use that is in accordance with regulations. The other applications and modules in TimeWaver Med are not covered by this license and are to be understood as experimental bioenergetic balancing methods in the information field of a person. The medical professional therapist may not reject or leave out medically necessary steps to treat a patient. Analysis on the informational level or of the organ coherence are not medically valid diagnoses. Due to the nature of the information field and the underlying method of analysis they are not approved by scientific standards and are not necessarily reproducible.

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