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The statements herein represent only the experiences of the individual users. They are not accepted by orthodox medicine due to a lack of scientific proof in accordance with standards of orthodox medicine. Whether any mentioned or other treatment success can be ascribed to the usage of the TimeWaver Systems and its methods or to any other treatment method is not proven. Any possible treatment success therefore only represents the therapist’s personal experience.


I have been working with the TimeWaver system since 2010 and am very pleased with the increased possibilities that the systems provide me, like the diagnostic opportunities in the framework of a holistic medical perspective. I am especially impressed that the treatment with TimeWaver Frequency and TimeWaver Med can improve those diffuse diseases that cannot be clearly and directly diagnosed. One can solely concentrate on the healing process with both devices, without first going through a series of long, difficult, and costly means of diagnostics.

Thus it regularly happens in my talks to patients that after several sessions I inquire: “Do you perhaps have any other complaints that you haven’t yet described to me?” To which very often I receive the amazing answer: “Yes, I do but I had forgotten them, or I think they are not important any longer.” For example, a question about pain in a patient’s right elbow after the TimeWaver had recorded, synovitis in the right elbow. Such experiences help to strengthen the bond between patient and doctor. For this reason alone I would not want to do without TimeWaver. Of particular interest are the therapeutic possibilities, i.e., the possibility to alleviate certain complaints “overnight” through the vibrations. The TimeWaver is an important aid in my work as a doctor who practices naturopathy and alternative medicine. (2011)


Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med. Reinhard Kobelt, DSc MD, health practice at Kurpark Bad Homburg, Germany


Already four weeks after the integration of the TimeWaver Med in my previously mainly osteopathy-oriented office, my enthusiasm was so great and the call for an expansion of the TimeWaver system so loud that I also included the TimeWaver Frequency in the team of my “favorite co-workers.”

For me, the advantage of this extraordinary addition is first of all that I can hand my patients the hand electrodes after having taken their “energetic fingerprint, ” and thus they are already during calibration actively involved in the analysis and treatment. The great selection of frequencies for the respective areas offered by the TimeWaver Frequency is also an interesting factor for patients I like to mention to show how specifically we can respond to every single person. With the combination of TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency we have targeted and multilayered analysis possibilities, rendering a strong therapy accompaniment in many areas. (2014)


Dr. Ursula Zirngibl, Naturopath, Aidenried, Germany


I am working with TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency since 2011. Previously I have already used several methods of energy and information medicine since 1992. By using different devices, I could never identify, by which means healing successes had come about. With TimeWaver it is different. The following case I can easily directly attribute to TimeWaver.

A 71-year old patient is receiving my treatment because of an increase of PSA (Prostate-specific Antigen) with a prostate enlargement since 2008. The maximum value of PSA was reached in September 2011 with 13.77 mg/ml. The prostate volume has also increased from 60 ml up to 105 ml. After applying a TimeWaver optimization this value decreased to 92 ml within two months, the PSA value dropped to 10.44 mg/ml. After a further period of three months, the prostate volume was only 70 ml, and the PSA dropped again further down to 9.41 mg/ml. I estimate that the upcoming urological examination will show normal values. By using both TimeWaver systems, I can see that healing processes manifest much quicker and on a far wider range than before. I am especially very excited about the system´s access to higher related levels such as the emotional, informational, and spiritual level, that can show and eliminate deeper underlying causes. (2013)


 Dr. med. Uwe Spohr, MD, Specialist for Internal Medicine, Heidelberg, Germany


The combination of information field medicine and energy medicine is unique. Whether for diagnosis or the treatment of my patients on all levels – I cannot imagine my doctor’s office without these systems. Especially the deep unconscious levels or karmic connections are immediately and systematically shown so that in most cases I receive a clear picture of the patient and their situation after a very short time. I am particularly enthused about the possibility of having multi-dimensional analyses. This cause and goal-oriented questioning technique show me quite fast where I can assume the actual problem of the patient is so that I can directly ask, and most of all, directly and specifically treat the patient. For me, TimeWaver has proven itself a valuable guide in over 2,000 treatments. (2014)


Dr. med. Folker Meissner, General Practitioner and Acupuncture, (president of the DGEIM and DAEMBE Königswinter, Germany


Information field analysis for me is an optimal basis for each therapy. Without exception, the patients are, to the extent they are acquainted with the problem, astonished at the accurate, precise results these analysis produce. I employ TimeWaver in therapy for all serious cases. I do not know of any other system that enables the production of knowledge about relations between pathogenic fields. The better the base knowledge of the therapist is, the more effective their influence. The more acute the ailments are, the quicker the progress.

With TimeWaver I get indications about therapy strategies, as well as about necessary operations. With the aid of information field therapy, I have successfully treated for example acute inflammations of the knee or the sciatic nerve within two days. Patients suffering from viral infections feel the effect immediately. The range of operability even extends to a successful pregnancy. Thus by now, I work with six systems in my praxis since 2007. It is a pleasure to work not only with the system itself but with the people behind it. The creative, constructive work done by the TimeWaver team indicates that further “quantum leaps” are in progress. (2010)


Dipl-Ing. Sabine Weber, M.S engineer, Natural Health Professional, Freiberg, Germany


I know TimeWaver since 2009 and work in our Health Care Centre with all available TimeWaver systems. In my practice, I have had three cases of cancer that were all treated successfully with TimeWaver plus orthomolecular remedies. Furthermore, I have fantastic results treating Lyme disease. When determining pathological tooth roots, TimeWaver is the perfect helping tool. What always impresses me is the precise analysis of the information field. No questions remain. There is no method or device with such intricacy. All useful levels of treatment are being offered and can be used. Diagnostics and therapy have their direct success control. The logic and correlation of the results are very high. The patient can follow everything TimeWaver shows, which strengthens the compliance and acceptance very much. The root cause level with TimeWaver is examined like in no other system. (2013)


Dr. med. Manfred Doepp, MD, Nuclear medical doctor, Switzerland


In my opinion, TimeWaver is a wonderful instrument. With the help of a well trained and experienced medical practitioner or therapist, a patient can quickly regain their healthy state. We work several hours each day with both TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency systems. I experience both devices as fully practical in my daily work. Since their first installation, they facilitate and enhance our work very nicely without changing the image of my office. Moreover, I can easily integrate my techniques and therapeutic strategies like working with individual nosodes, into the databases of TimeWaver. This is a great add-on and advancement. I have fantastic results with treating Lyme disease, different allergies, or herpes with TimeWaver Med. Even with psychic symptoms or ADHS, TimeWaver strongly helps to find and transform the underlying causes. My most interesting case was a 65-year old female patient with diagnosed leukemia. I have generated an individual nosode with TimeWaver, applied the organ coherence stimulation and supported her psychic state with essences from the TimeWaver database. For toxin discharge purposes I used a nosode from the TimeWaver Med database “Chemo therapeutics.” As a further support, I applied a specific TimeWaver Frequency therapy once a week. The result: After one month there was already weight gain and continuous improvement until after 3/4 of a year all signs of leukemia were gone. (2013)


 Oliver Lorey, Natural Health Professional, Erlensee, Germany


I have been working as a medical doctor for over 45 years and have been involved in natural health care for more than 30 years. Since 2008 I have been working exclusively with TimeWaver and have had the best experiences of my life with this system. Whether for allergies or in individual cases for cancer, I use TimeWaver for all diagnosis. It has no side effects and achieves in my experience very good healing responses. Due to the comprehensive databases, there are great therapeutic opportunities and information about the relations between diseases. My work with TimeWaver ranges from First Aid through chronic diseases to process adaptations in difficult life situations. (2010) 


Dr. med. Anna Kohler, MD General Practitioner, Bonndorf, Germany


Since 2010 I am working with TimeWaver Med, and I am very fascinated by the great diagnostic possibilities. It shows me tendencies and possible causes of diseases plus the possibility for further treatment strategies. Originally, I was my patient, as after an accident my lumbar spine bone L2 was broken, I sat in the wheel chair and was partially paraplegic. Conventional treatment was mainly prescriptive drugs, painkillers - no improvement whatsoever. After the first treatment with TimeWaver, I was able to reduce the medicaments to less than half in a very short period. By now - after about two years - I can walk by myself, have almost completely stopped taking medicine and I can continue to work as a medical doctor without problems. Continuous treatment is being done regularly with the TimeWaver Frequency system since 2012. (2013)


Dr. med. Olivier Rodel, MD, Specialist for Anesthesia, pain therapy, neural therapy and TCM, Geneva, Switzerland


 So far I have treated about 60 patients with TimeWaver, and I had consistent outstanding results. A seven-year-old boy with bronchitis and asthmatic complaints was not responding to any of the conventional treatments. I started treating him exclusively with TimeWaver. Since then he has not shown any more symptoms and is, after the completion of the TimeWaver program and to his parent’s astonishment, very healthy. I treated a patient suffering from fibromyalgia with extensive symptoms and background causes that are not yet completely explored. Due to the constant pain, the patient was suffering psychologically. The intensive treatment with TimeWaver quickly alleviated her pain. Overall, her condition has improved continually, and I would attribute this to the treatment with TimeWaver.

I like employing TimeWaver in conjunction with other approaches, even for serious diseases. One time a patient came to me with a plasmacytoma, a type of bone cancer in an advanced stage. I used TimeWaver in conjunction with chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. The TimeWaver analysis provided us with a comprehensive detoxification program that I used for two months. Overall, the patient coped very well with the difficult treatment. The stem cells grew optimally; the leukocytes were regulated extraordinarily well. The patient felt both during and after the chemotherapy considerably better than expected. To a considerable extent, I attribute this success to the support of TimeWaver.

My breakthrough in work with TimeWaver was at the beginning of 2009. I was suffering from strong burn out syndrome myself and was subsequently treated exclusively with TimeWaver by a doctor I was befriended with. I made such comprehensive and quick progress that I decided to make use of TimeWaver with great enthusiasm and confidence in my practice, for my own firsthand experience has always been the most secure recommendation for a particular type of treatment method. (2010)


Dr. med. Barbara Brons, MD, Practitioner for General Medicine and Classic Homeopathy, Dortmund, Germany


Predominantly I treat patients with serious chronic diseases. Up til now, I have been using TimeWaver on a daily basis since 2009. The system strengthens my therapeutic diagnosis for all types of diseases and consequently helps me to choose the right form of therapy. The patients who are acquainted with alternative healing procedures, appreciate the applications of the TimeWaver very much and respond extremely positively. (2010)


Ulrich Elsner, Natural Health Professional, Fluorn-Winzeln, Germany


I am using TimeWaver since 2007 for a great variety of applications. The combination with TimeWaver Frequency gave me a strong new impulse while treating a former Dutch cycling professional. He was diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma on the nose, and treatment recommendation was surgery on the nose. After only five sessions of TimeWaver Med optimization and TimeWaver Frequency treatment in two weeks, added by orthomolecular and homeopathic remedies, that same basal cell carcinoma has decreased to such a state that the doctors cancelled the surgery. Another case was a patient with Parkinson diagnosis. General treatment: Dopamine. A combined treatment of TimeWaver Med and TimeWaver Frequency in conjunction with a homeopathic potency of dopamine helped the patient to regain more energy and to his symptoms like tremors to reduce. Many of my patients tell me that they have far more energy and a great reduction of pain since the treatments with TimeWaver.


Anja Hergaarden, Clinic for Naturopathy, Praktijk voor Aanvullende Gezondheidszorg, Heiloo, Netherlands


The information field medicine is an ideal complement to my everyday practice. Since 2009 I have, thanks to TimeWaver, the possibility to consider and treat people holistically – body, mind, and spirituality. The changes that many patients undergo are incredible, even though we are spatially separated from them. Children, in particular, respond very positively to a TimeWaver treatment, irrespectively of whether disease symptoms or behavioral problems are resolved. I am very grateful for this gift. (2010)


Peter Küsters, Natural Health Professional, Braunschweig, Germany


I just wanted to tell you that I am impressed with the accuracy of TimeWaver. When we do an organ coherence analysis in our clinic, with a special focus on comparing it with other methods, I find the results to be outstanding. We use TimeWaver to see if we are on the right track in the treatment of our patients. For us, it is 100% clear that TimeWaver is an extremely good and precise interface to the information field. (2011)


Jan Fredrik Poleszynski, Director Uno Vita Clinic AS, Naturopath, Oslo, Norway


Since 2009 I am working with TimeWaver in my clinic. The main focus first was diagnostically, to find background causes of diseases. The great variety of more than 520,000 parameters is really impressive, as regular medicine with its “5-minute-treatments” only uses 10 to maximum 20 parameters for a diagnosis. In my case studies, a comparison of measurements by TimeWaver and laboratory tested blood values resulted in an overall accordance of 80%, and this within a few minutes. The success of a quantum physical optimization with TimeWaver was first documented by me with ultrasound examination on several patients in 2012. The very individual stress factors of the number one modern-day disease in my opinion, arteriosclerosis, could be easily detected. This successfully opened the door to stimulate the self-healing processes. In my experience, pure information field optimization can visibly reduce plaque within the vessels.

My first doubts that an optimization within the information field can stimulate the healing processes of patients was thus cleared with many hundreds of patients. Even for animals, I experienced surprising improvements at individual cases. Mental and psychological impositions can very quickly be detected. Contaminations of heavy metals and other pollutions from environmental toxins were also often found as a strong source of irritation in our more than 200 arteriosclerosis patients (MIAR case study 2012). In my experience, TimeWaver enables a better quality of life. (2012)


Dr. med. Bernhard Weber, MD, Director Natural Health Clinic Marburg, Germany


I have been using TimeWaver since 2009, mainly for people suffering from psychic illnesses. Since that time I have achieved quite astonishing results. I like being able to create my databases which I use for special medicaments or dietary supplements. The TimeWaver is constantly being improved, and the TimeWaver company has excellent customer service, something that I particularly appreciate. (2010)


Dr. med. Gisela Stäber, MD, Specialist for Neurology and Psychiatry, Angermünde, Germany


A patient was having considerable problems breastfeeding her fourth child. While making use of numerous means and therapeutic approaches, I failed to satisfy her wish to sufficiently breastfeed her child. Neither her mother nor her sisters had been able to breastfeed satisfactorily. With TimeWaver I discovered a trauma of her mother which defined her attitude towards life. After just 14 days, her mammae changed physically and the child only required half of the daily bottle feed. (2010)


Michael Rach, Natural Health Professional, Mainburg, Germany


I was suffering from sepsis in my foot. Staphylococci and streptococci were found in the laboratory. In the clinic, they were talking about an amputation of the foot below the knee. Within three weeks of treatment with TimeWaver I was able to walk without aid, and three weeks later the wound had healed without any bacterial exposure. (2010)


Joachim Tyedmers, Natural Health Professional (Guerisseur), Viller, France


I have spent the last 19 years in Complementary medicine and therapies. In addition to my training in Homeopathy, Colorpuncture, holographic crystal therapy, I have spent the last eight years working with Bioresonance using the Bicom Optima and the LIFE Biofeedback system extensively.

I was introduced to the Timewaver System around Sep 2016, by Dr. Ursula and Antoinette, and immediately, my attention was drawn to this amazing machine. I immediately purchased the TimeWaver Med and Frequency as well as the TimeWaver Home. After various introductory lessons by Antoinette, I had the opportunity to be trained by Dr. Ursula.

After some initial use of the system with family members, I commenced the use of the system in my Wellness Centre. I must say that I am glad to have acquired the TimeWaver systems as I am using these daily with my clients. The response and feedback from my clients have been very encouraging bearing good testimony for the TimeWaver system. I saw good and fast results from 2 clients. One who had a shoulder pain, saw full relief after four days and another who had respiratory issues for two months and had to fly overseas reverted on the 4th day that while she was overseas, she saw daily improvements, and by the 4th day felt 60% better. Within a week, she had overcome her respiratory problem.  I have a few difficult cases and am working on these and am beginning to see changes in an 18 years old boy who has been having allergy issues since birth. He is doing well, and both he and his family are happy with the TimeWaver system. Hope to help him fully recover soon. This is only the beginning for me. There is much more to learn and work on to be able to use the TW system to the optimum, and I appreciate my two mentors who continue to guide me.


Mukhtiar Singh, Owner of Key to Wellness, Singapore 3/2017


Science and orthodox medicine do not accept the existence of information fields, their possible medical or other relevance, the TimeWaver systems and their applications as well as the herein mentioned theories in regards to quantum physical research due to a lack of scientific proof in accordance with orthodox medicine standards, as well as the mentioned theories about noise processes, light quantum effects, energy and frequency medicine, bioresonance, consciousness resonances, organ coherence, oscillation patterns, time waves, wave genetics, phantom DNA, torsion waves, as well as the research of scientists such as Burkhard Heim, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, Nikola Tesla, Aaron Antonowski, Günther Haffelder, Prof. Robert G. Jahn, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Prof. Trofimov, Prof. Kaznacheev, Prof. Peter Gariaev and Marcus Schmieke in regards to the above mentioned theories and their technical implementation into TimeWaver. Information field medicine does not relate to the physical body but only relates to the informational body of a person. The herein mentioned statements have no medical, diagnostic, preventive, or therapeutic relevance. TimeWaver Med does not replace the diagnosis and/or investigation and treatment by a medical doctor or naturopath and does not make any statement in relation to health issues. The medical professional therapist may not reject or leave out medically necessary steps to treat a patient. The statements from the various therapists as references in this brochure were being given between 2010 and 2013 and only reflect their personal views and experiences in regards to diagnosis and therapy. This brochure is meant for medical professionals only.

Important Notes for the Usage of TimeWaver Med:

The mentioned indications within the manual refer only to the “Microcurrent Module” which alone is a licensed and approved medical product class MP IIa in the EU within the TimeWaver Med software. The treatment of diseases other than that are not part of the medical intended use that is in accordance with regulations. The other applications and modules in TimeWaver Med are not covered by this license and are to be understood as experimental bioenergetic balancing methods in the information field of a person. The medical professional therapist may not reject or leave out medically necessary steps to treat a patient. Analysis on the informational level or of the organ coherence are not medically valid diagnoses. Due to the nature of the information field and the underlying method of analysis they are not approved by scientific standards and are not necessarily reproducible.

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