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Organ Coherence
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Organ Coherence

According to our model, every organ has an electromagnetic energy field which is caused by cell oscillations. The organ coherence analysis allows you to delve further into the information fields of the organs within the body and examine the quality of their energy. By evaluating the consistency, you can quickly understand which organ groups are not working effectively. The analysis then offers appropriate balancing within the information field so the organs can function efficiently again.

The process involves:

  • Observation of the body’s regulatory capacity - (history/history monitoring)
  • Consideration of the state of health (ICD10-analysis) 
  • Proposals for balancing (optimising)

The organ coherence database, ICD10, contains information of all the essential organs and systems in the human body and all potential disorders that are associated with them. A high positive result can be interpreted as a present, active or acute problem in the information field, while a high negative relevance shows a problem in the background, passive or chronic within the information field.

With this module, we can read all organs and organ systems of the body according to their coherence and their current status at one glance and in depth. The vast number of databases enables us to connect with the underlying causes of imbalance. The result of the analysis is documented as acute or chronic developments; their intensity and numerous possible causes can be established as well as possible remedies. Based on that knowledge you can then support the patient and harmonize the disturbed equilibrium.



Science and conventional medicine do not acknowledge the existence of information fields and, therefore the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence.
Our TimeWaver results are based on treatment options, experiences and anecdotal reports from other practitioners as well as our own.

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