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A State of Dis-Ease: How do we get into it and what to be aware of to get out of it?

Health concerns, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, are signs of a bigger form of disorder manifested in physical form. It reflects the conflict taking place within and around us, making us aware that we are being thwarted. Disease is the opposite of being at ease. It is a product of our limiting thoughts and negative emotions. We have to be at ease otherwise our overall state of physical mental and emotional health moves into Dis-Ease.
The physical aspect of our self was created to work with excellence and precision. Simply put, all tissues, organs, glands, and nerves should be working together harmoniously. Each time we experience emotional, mental, and physical pain, our body reminds us that something is wrong and there is an imbalance. Whenever we experience disease, illness, and pain, our bodies require us to pay attention. Given this standpoint, every disease that shows up in our physical aspect embodies the part that requires healing. It is indicative of resistance in our physiological system, a manifestation of imbalance that needs restoration and cure.

Our body sends us signals that we often tend to ignore. Rather than focusing on the frustrations, stresses, anxieties, and pains we experience, we let our conscious mind take precedence. Failure to focus on the subtle messages offered to us by our soul can lead to addictions, obsessions, mental anguish, violence, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. These forms of diversion highlight the discrepancies that exist between our inner self and our personality.

Diseases guide us in achieving inner and outer harmony. They may appear negative or bad but they definitely offer the opportunity for immense transformation. Resistance to change does not make the problems disappear. The moment we stop resisting, transformation and growth start. So, to render changes, beginning to focus on the different body signals and to interpret them honestly is a good start. It will likewise enable us to discover how the diseases transpired and why they came into being.

Change takes commitment, time, and courage. At times, we may experience failures and setbacks. But as we discover more of ourselves and become greatly aware of the different aspects, we can start to recognize the part of us that seeks expression and attention. At that instance, the "Dis-Ease" becomes superfluous and our health returns naturally. We become whole in spirit, mind, and body as we integrate and practice new ways of living.


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