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In the 1920s and 30s, Dr. Edward Bach, a British Physician and researcher, developed the Bach Flower Essence Therapy. Eventually, he turned from allopathic medicine to homeopathy. His understanding was that the management of symptoms was not enough to treat diseases; rather, one has to get to the root cause of the problem in order to restore health. Dr. Bach observed the psychic mechanisms in physical illnesses and gained the understanding that these illnesses are associated with different personality types and specific patterns of negative patterns. Many aspects of the Bach flowers system make it unique from other systems of healing in the West.

There are many advantages of using Bach system over other therapeutic methods:
1. Methods of production are natural and simple.
The methods that Dr. Bach developed, the boiling method and the sun method, release the flowers’ healing energy and enable that energy to bind with water, which serves as the carrier medium. In turn, this produces a more stable pattern of energy compared to those found in homeopathic treatment.

2. Taking Bach flower remedies is easy.
Once a certain remedy is chosen, it may be taken in various ways. The typical approach of taking this remedy is orally. In addition it is possible to receive Bach flower therapy from a compress, bath, or cream. This simply means that it is versatile and can be used in any situation regardless of capability or age.
TimeWaver Home owners can create their own Bach Flower remedy easily. TimeWaver Home contains the whole collection of Bach Flowers as digital energy patterns. These can be very quickly imprinted in a glass of water, readily available whenever needed.

3. Bach flower remedies are suitable for self-healing.
This method of treatment does not pose any harm; therefore, it is a risk-free system to utilize in self-healing. The soul quality as described by Dr. Bach is an archetypal behaviour pattern of human nature. They are not symptoms of a disease. There's no need to undergo extensive medical training in order to become a successful practitioner; all you need are abilities and characteristics that have greater importance, as well as maturity and a clear understanding of the human condition, sensitivity, perceptiveness, and compassion for others.

4. Bach Flower therapy produces no side effects
Bach therapy communicates information via high vibrations that stimulate mental and emotional self-healing forces. One of the benefits of Bach remedies is that there are no negative side effects or reactions; they can be used safely by children, babies, adults, even animals, pregnant women, and plants.

5. Bach Flower therapy is compatible with other forms of therapy.
Bach remedies work harmoniously with other therapies because they are harmless. And because they are harmless, when a certain remedy is selected for, the body absorbs it without any negative reactions. Bach flower remedies can be utilized successfully along with other forms of treatment including psychotherapy or complementary therapies without any interference. 

6. Bach therapy augments other therapies.
In various cases, Bach therapy has been recognized to augment other forms of therapy. Bach’s high homeopathic potencies are strengthened and psychotropic drugs are gradually discontinued at the patient's request when flower treatments are given. Moreover, psychotherapy may be decreased and the treatment of psychosomatic illness can be shortened with Bach flower treatment.

7. Bach Flowers helps us to avoid illnesses.
Bach flower treatments do not act at the physical level but at more subtle etheric levels that influence the energy system. Therapeutic needs are recognized with reference to imbalanced soul conditions rather than physical symptoms which are very late indicators of an imbalance. The flower treatment works with the energy system of the body to restore balance on various levels. Distortion on the physical level is also corrected and prevented if the vibrational healing is started early enough.

8. Bach flower remedies enable us to overcome our fear of disease.
At the heart of Dr. Bach’s treatment philosophy is the idea to “heal thyself” because it is the divine healing power within each of us that allows healing to happen. Dr. Bach encouraged every individual to take responsibility for their own health and life. He emphasized that human beings hold within them whatever they need for healing. With this understanding, we are able to overcome our fear of diseases as we restore balance and allow healing within ourselves.

9. Bach flower therapy gives us the freedom to live our own truth.
A treatment with Bach Flower Remedies helps us to transcend our culture, our society, our past, and the media. These remedies clear the path for the higher self to allow it to become the driving force in our lives. This also allows us to live our own truth, which is governed by the higher perspective of soul enabling us to co-create our realities and our lives.

10. Bach flower remedies enable us to envision ourselves as part of the entirety.
Bach flower treatment is grounded on a certain point of reference that transcends above the boundaries of a human personality and radiates into the higher spiritual dimensions. The remedies have their optimal vibrations for their particular soul quality as well as harmonious energy frequencies and they function together to correct the corresponding negative state of the person.


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