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When talking about health, you are most likely to be doing most of the things correctly including monitoring what you eat, managing stress effectively, and exercising regularly. But there is one factor that is overlooked most of the time. Latest studies show that health can only achieve its optimum level when there is a balanced pH level in the body.

The term “pH” refers to “potential of hydrogen.” It signifies the balance of acid-forming to alkaline-forming ions in the body. When pH is low, you become more acidic. On the contrary, when pH is high, you become more alkaline. Studies demonstrate the direct impacts of pH on the overall well-being including skin, digestion, and energy, as well as the risks for diseases such as obesity, osteoporosis, and cancer. To achieve optimum health, the pH of the body should be slightly alkaline. If you are overly acidic, you can turn the situation around by becoming more alkaline. You can do this by having a natural pH test, lifestyle changes, and dietary changes.


How the Acid-alkaline Balance Operates
Each day, we get energy from the foods we eat and the steady flow of oxygen. As soon as the food is eaten and broken down, digested, and absorbed, what remains is the ash residue that is either acidic or alkaline. When the ash residue is acidic, it requires elimination through the kidneys, intestines, lungs or skin. Before excretion of the acid waste products, the body should neutralize them through the use of oxygen as well as organic materials present in foods such as herbs, vegetables, and food supplements. When there are enough alkaline minerals and oxygen for neutralization, the body's pH level is balanced, and the organs function properly.

Main Cause of Acidosis
When we eat an excessive amount of acid-forming foods and insufficient alkaline foods, the body directs its attention to its buffers, which are the stored alkalizing minerals, to neutralize the acidic load. Emotional and physical stress also escalates acidity because of it uric acid by-product.
When the body is too acidic, it triggers some health issues such as frequent headaches, flu, and colds, weight gain, the internal buildup of toxins, poor hair and skin health, osteoporosis or low bone density, premature aging, and inadequate absorption of essential minerals and vitamins.
Healthy Eating and pH
To balance the pH level in the body, it is essential to eat a well-balanced diet. Balancing your meal means infusing vegetables, salad, fish, and meat in your diet. It is imperative to avoid gluten, sugar and for many people also dairy products.

Vitamin Absorption and pH
If your body is busy neutralizing the existing acidic load, it won’t be able to absorb or digest the minerals and vitamins from supplements and foods. If you reduce the acidic load, you have the potential of reversing the situation and reap the benefits of a daily omega-3 supplement or multivitamin.

Osteoporosis and pH
Studies show a direct link between poor bone health and an acidic pH level. Too much acidity in the body will pull all the alkaline minerals namely calcium from our bones. In this process, the cells responsible for breaking down bone tissue become activated while cells accountable for building bones become inhibited. If this is not corrected, this may lead to bone loss, osteopenia, and osteoporosis.

Skin and pH
The skin is the largest and most significant organ in the body. The body depends heavily on the skin to eliminate toxins. When the acid load is too high, it may show up in dark circles, blemishes, as well as premature signs of aging.

Weight Loss and pH
A healthy pH can help in losing weight because rather than eating processed food that depletes the energy and overloads the body, an alkaline diet feeds the body with natural foods for the best metabolism, digestion, and energy. Studies reveal a diet loaded with acid-forming foods stimulates the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, which then leads to the accumulation of fats in the abdomen.

Serious Illness and pH
For many years, doctors have associated oxygen supply with cancerous activity. Studies reveal that acidosis appears to enable cancer cells and pathogens to proliferate. On the other hand, alkaline pH hampers cancer cell colony initiation as well as promotion. Therefore regular deep breathing is essential for our health.



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