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Water consumption is an extremely significant practice that one has to imbibe for improved health. Water makes up between 55 and 78 percent of our body component. Drinking water regularly offers a number of health benefits. In addition, water has no sugar, no calories, and no carbohydrates.  For many experts, it is advisable to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water for good health maintenance. According to the Institute of Medicine, men have to drink at least three liters of water while women should drink an average of 2.2 liters of water.

So, what are the top ten amazing benefits of water?

1. Healthier and younger looking skin

Hydrating your skin adequately will help it to look younger. That is because water aids in replenishing skin tissues, moisturizing the skin, and increasing the skin elasticity.

2. Slimmer and sexier looking body

Drinking a good amount of water helps you in losing weight by flushing down the fats. Moreover, drinking water can eliminate hunger and suppresses the appetite so you will be feeling full all the time. Because water has no calories, it is definitely an excellent fluid to drink.

3. Best treatment for migraines and headaches

Water aids in relieving back pains and headaches. Sometimes, these health problems are brought about by dehydration, and it is only by refilling your body with water that the pain actually subsides. Despite the many reasons and factors contributing to migraines and headaches, dehydration is almost always the common one.

4. Body fuel

If you are a gym enthusiast or a body builder, or merely an individual who loves exercising regularly, drinking an adequate amount of water can regulate the temperature of your body all through the day. When you exercise, you sweat a lot, thereby causing a loss of water and electrolytes from the body. It is at that point that you need to replenish the water lost. Finally, water fuels the muscles, thus making you feel more energized when doing physical activities.

5. Improved productivity


As mentioned, water makes up most of our body components. Our brain itself is made up of 90% water. Hence, drinking water can greatly improve productivity in performing your tasks at work. When our brain is well-hydrated, we are able to think better, we become more alert, and we can focus better.

6. Aids in constipation and digestion

Drinking plenty of water boosts our body’s metabolism because it enables the digestive system to function well. Water and fiber work together in regulating your daily bowel movement.

7. Less sprains and cramps

When we sleep at night, we sometimes experience cramping that is excruciatingly painful. Each time we swim and do exercises, we also experience the same. At times, we even suffer from sprains. Cramps and sprains can best be avoided by drinking water. That is because water ensures that the muscles and joints are well-lubricated.

8. Combats sickness

One of the many benefits of drinking water is becoming healthier and less sickly. How? When you drink plenty of water, the immune system becomes more energized and prepared to function well. Hence, drinking adequate amount of water helps in fighting diseases such as heart attack, kidney stones, and flue.

Water aids the body in getting rid of toxins faster. When you mix water with lemons, the product is amazing in treating intestinal problems, respiratory diseases, arthritis, and rheumatism.

9. Relieves stress and fatigue

Water is a potent mechanism in flushing out toxins and other waste products that are no longer needed by our body. When the body does not have enough water, the heart will have to work harder just to pump out the blood and distribute the blood throughout the cells. The same thing happens for the rest of our organs. Lack of water can exhaust the vital organs in our body.

10. Great mood

Since water makes us feel energized, we also feel good. Having that good feeling can help us communicate and think better.

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