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Homeopathy, also known as Homeopathic Medicine, is a medicinal practice that covers a holistic treatment approach. It is holistic because of the way it manages the individual as a whole, instead of focusing on the aspect of the disease. On the other hand, homeopathy is natural because it uses natural sources for treatment.

There are three principles behind homeopathy - let likes cure likes, the minimum dose, and the single remedy. In Homeopathic Medicine, an in-depth interview of the patient, also known as homeopathic case-taking, is conducted to reveal the patient’s psychological, emotional, and physical characteristics as well as complaints. Homeopathy is considered a safe treatment for everyone, including children, babies, nursing and pregnant women, and even senior citizens. Practitioners of homeopathic medicine administer only one form of treatment at a time.

A homeopathic treatment is made up of two categories namely acute treatment and chronic treatment. An acute treatment is intended for diseases of recent onset. These diseases are self-limited and may progress if left untreated. In this form of illness, the body overcomes the sickness, but with the help of proper medication, the body is stimulated to recover more efficiently and quickly.

On the other hand, treating a chronic condition, the period of treatment and the aim to accomplish positive outcomes are influenced by a lot of factors, such as the characteristic of the problem, the health history of the patient, the medical history of the family, past treatment, and the strength of the patient. The primary goal of a constitutional or chronic treatment is to help the individual go back to a healthy state of being through homeopathic treatment.

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