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According to Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are related to the water element and the emotion of fear. They resonate with our fear, especially when pertaining to feelings of insecurities and low self-assurance, difficulties of letting go As humans, we very much experience life through relationships. Relationship problems, our capability of holding boundaries and power in relationships, our quality of communication with others impacts the health of our kidneys.
The physical aspect of the kidneys is the excretion of impurities, nitrogenous waste products and excess water from the blood. They produce hormones responsible for balancing blood pressure, PH and salt levels and controlling red blood cell production.

Metaphysically the kidneys anchor your ancestral energy, they relate to the origin of life and represent our life energy, physically and sexually; they are the seat for courage.

If we hold on to fear for a long time, without acknowledging and releasing it, fear will weaken the kidneys and may result in various health issues, directly or indirectly related to the kidneys. The adrenal glands are situated on top of the kidneys, they release adrenaline whenever fear and stress are experienced. This is referred to as “seat of fear” in Eastern holistic healing. In many of us fear gets triggered when we encounter change, uncertainty, unexpected or of course dangerous situations. Fear in its essence invites us to stop and evaluate whether we are adequately prepared and have the necessary resources. Fear can be the source of action and inaction. It provides the ability for expression and the energy to proceed. Homeopathy, Bach Flowers, Schuessler Salts, Hypnosis and Regression Therapy are suitable in helping people to understand the cause of their fears and to overcome it successfully.



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