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For the human body to work properly, we have to be at ease otherwise our overall state of physical mental and emotional health moves into Dis-Ease. The physical aspect of ourselves is made to function with superiority and precision. This implies harmonious functioning of all nerves, glands, organs, and tissues without stress. Each time an unknown organism, condition, or substance is introduced into the body’s system, the functions are altered and become imbalanced. The body has the capability to rebalance on its own; however, when the imbalance remains, the consequence is “Dis-Ease”.

The Root Causes of Diseases
Disease can be translated as a message to inform the person that something has caused a disturbance to the system and was neither corrected nor attended to adequately. Most blockages that cause diseases occur on the more elusive levels of the system and show up in the physical aspect of a person’s wellbeing. The implication of an illness or a disease lies in the awareness of the physical aspect of oneself and its meaning on a metaphysical level; hence, major problems can be addressed and treated.

Even the subtlest sign of indisposition must be considered as a manifestation of an imbalanced system. This means that circulation and influx of energies fail to provide the ideal level responsible for living a healthy life. In some spiritual tradition of healing, illnesses or diseases act as friends of a person’s soul. This contradictory statement draws on the fact that a number of diseases will inevitably compel a person to re-evaluate, rationalize and renew their whole existence to obtain cure, forgiveness and, relief.

From an ambiguous point of view, every single disease is not a stimulating agent, but a direct result of exposure, consumption, superiority, and rate of recurrence of the inharmonious energies moving around our physical systems. The controller or mediator of such forms of energies lies in the individual’s ability to coordinate its mental functions. The mind’s abilities can impact the weight and value of related emotions. A number of flaws stem from one’s disruptive self, either on an emotional level or psychological level.

Our entire body may also go through illnesses and wide indications of disorder from the intake of meals or beverages that could contaminate our system. External toxicity, stress, and social demands are additional contributing factors that trigger imbalance. We may also lose sight of optimum balance once we take in and somatize emotions or energies that may intoxicate our system; at first thru the more exposed levels and ultimately approaching and destroying the lower level of the body cells.

Dr. Bach, a bacteriologist from England, developed a new method of natural healing that directly addresses the mental and emotional aspects of disease. Dr. Bach’s philosophy carried a profound understanding that on the physical plane, life is designed to be a conscious partnership between the soul and the personality facets of ourselves. Dr. Bach explanation is that the manifestations of dissonance in the physical body are indications of misalignment of the personality self that will disappear as harmony is carried to the person’s emotional and mental approach to life.

All of us are considered active receivers and transmitters of energies emanating from the cosmos, intake of foods, breathing, toxins, electromagnetic field pollution, and internal spiritual energy. We are solely responsible for the superiority of energy we offer as an intervention to the collective awareness of this world. As we raise our own wavelengths and energies through the cultivation of greater emotions, we slowly and gradually clear away the misery, discomfort, sorrow and the feeling of isolation from source. Simply through the cleansing of our body, the quality of conscious thoughts as well as the emotions we feel and convey can we bring about and give rise to a whole new standard of health and wellbeing to everyone.

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