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Mitochondria are essential to metabolism, vitality, and energy. Every year, people spend billions of dollars purchasing creams and pills that claim to slow down the process of aging. The truth is, there are natural ways to help us live healthier and longer lives.
The mitochondria are factories in the body cells that transform the food we eat and the oxygen we take in into energy. When there is a disruption in communication between the mitochondria and nuclei of the cells, the aging process is accelerated. On the other hand, when the intracellular communication functions well, there is a slowing down of the aging process and improvement of vitality and health. Many researchers used to believe that certain mutations of the mitochondria were responsible for aging, but new studies reveal that such disconnect is repairable as long as mutations haven't advanced yet.

Caring for the mitochondria as well as upgrading the network of communication does not just slow down the process of aging. It also enhances cognitive powers, metabolism, and energy. It also reduces age-related, infertility, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease.

The Importance of Mitochondria
To fully grasp the impact of mitochondria on the overall health, it is important to consider the fact that every one of us has thousands of trillions of mitochondria in the body. These mitochondria have a biochemical assembly line intended to manufacture adenosine triphosphate, which is the body's most important fuel.

The more significant energy an organ or tissue demands for proper functioning, the greater the number of mitochondria its cells possess. Mitochondria are particularly abundant in the muscles, brain, and heart. The health and density of the mitochondria in the muscles and organs is a mirror of your present level of fitness and health. The healthier the mitochondria, the better you will feel, and the faster will be your metabolism. Mitochondria generate energy by breaking down food. Then, they discharge the energy in the form of ATP together with byproducts such as free radicals, water, and carbon dioxide.

Free radicals are highly active molecules around the body that help us combat infection; however, these free radicals may damage cell tissues thus causing inflammation. Children with genetic defects usually suffer from loss of motor control, gastrointestinal disorders, muscle pain and weakness, cardiac disease, swallowing problems, Type 2 diabetes, developmental delays, liver disease, seizures, respiratory complications, hearing or visual problems, and greater risk for infection. That is because their genetic defects negatively impact the mitochondria. Sedentary lifestyles, stress and exposure to infections, toxins, and allergens can falter the energy generation network. Nevertheless, the primary reason why mitochondria deteriorate is the quality of food we nourish ourselves with.

The empty calories of flour, sugar, and other processed food cause the mitochondria to burn through a massive quantity of junk, thereby producing inflammation and free radicals. Unless we eat plenty of healthy fats, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and protein, we are not providing our bodies with the essential tools needed for damage repair.

There are specific micro-current treatments available that may help increase the health of the mitochondria. Talk to a TimeWaver practitioner now and ensure your mitochondria’s healthy functioning.


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