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The health of the cell can be linked to the simple parameter of the electric cell membrane voltage. The healthier this voltage, the better the functioning of the cell and its communication with other cells will be. This is where the TimeWaver Home comes in! Cellular communication takes place through very low frequencies. This also implies that certain frequencies can be assigned to certain health symptoms.

TimeWaver Home uses low-intensity therapy currents to communicate with the cells to counteract extracellular acidosis and to restore the natural cell membrane voltage of -70 mV.

TimeWaver Home is a very unique, new device that allows clients to take control of their own health in the comfort of their own home or whilst traveling.

It is a compact device that is simple to use and easily operated by anyone. The versatile system can be individually programmed by the healthcare practitioner, taking into account the specific requirements of the client in real-time. Therefore, qualified care reaches a whole new level that goes well beyond a clinical setting.

There are 57 pre-defined micro-current frequency programs available on the TimeWaver Home for the systematic treatment of several diseases, as well as 7 general programs to treat chronic illnesses. All these programs constantly monitor the frequencies applied to deliver exactly what the body needs at each moment in time.

The Standard Programs

The 57 pre-programmed protocols on the TimeWaver Home help with systematic diseases including:

Pain – general pain, joints, back, sciatica, headache, migraine, tooth and jaw and menstrual pain.
Skin – wound healing, Acne vulgaris, cold sores.
Brain and/or psyche – general fears and depression, learning conditions, withdrawal, sleep disorders, stress
Energy – low energy and lethargy

“Nuno Nina Gold Cycle” Programs

In addition to the standard programs, 7 programs of Nuno Nina’s Gold Cycle have been included in the TimeWaver Home.

These are based on the therapeutic protocol of Portuguese scientist and developer, Nuno Nina, who has treated more than 42,000 patients with micro-currents across his 7 clinics worldwide.

The foundation of these 7 programs is 130,000 gold frequencies collected by Nuno Nina’s years of clinical experience. They play a significant role within the Home system as they do not refer to a specific disorder, but support the interactions of the bio-energetic forces within the body.

These programs contain the complete intelligence of the TimeWaver Home, and the applied frequencies are continuously analyzed in the information field in real-time, for the body to receive the frequencies it needs at this very moment.

The Programs in detail:

Pure – The ideal first step to using the TimeWaver Home, Pure supports the energy field of the organism. It targets recovery from bio-energetic influences of environmental pollutants, toxins, unhealthy diets, and other negative factors.
Care – A weakened bio-energetic field can be a cause for many acute and chronic diseases. While TimeWaver aids in boosting your health, you can make a difference by ensuring you get adequate exercise, healthy food, and pure water. This will establish an essential foundation for your recovery and continued well-being. The Care program protects against a variety of bio-energetic disturbances.
Balance – The delicate balance of various body functions is very important for our wellbeing and health. This program refers to the bio-energetic balance of the kidneys, circulation, the lymphatic system, and the hormones. It is an ideal program for deep bio-energetic balancing of the body’s own energy field.
Being – Focuses on balancing your body on an emotional level, which supports the body’s greater physical capabilities when used in conjunction with the program Balance.
Energy – Whether you are a well-trained athlete or a stressed manager or a mother who has to juggle thousands of things every day, Energy helps you face health disorders on a bio-energetic level and gives you the support to deliver a high performance on a daily basis
Relax – Stress is often the cause of acidosis and imbalances in the body and it can lead to a multitude of diseases. In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s not often that we give ourselves permission to simply relax and release the stresses faced every day. Relax will do that for you.
Release – Pain can have multiple and often very different causes. It may be a symptom of acidosis in the tissue. Release can be applied as an alternative or in addition to the conventional pain application included in the TimeWaver Home system. Using this program, you will work systematically in the bio-energetic field of the body to eradicate the pain, wherever it may come up.

Digital Remedies – Readily Available at Your Fingertips

TimeWaver Home includes another feature called information field technology using vibrational oscillation patterns to create digital remedies.

This entire section contains vibrational patterns of more than 50 information media. These are simply vibrated on a glass of water or empty globules. The compilation of informational vibrational patterns corresponds to a well-equipped homeopathic medicine chest. Thus, you can quickly create your desired homeopathic remedy by yourself in case of need.


Digital Homeopathy

The 12 most important homeopathic remedies are available digitally in this program.


Digital Bach Flowers

The use of Bach flowers is one of the best-known and easy-to-use complementary medicine and was developed by the British physician Dr. Edward Bach about 80 years ago.
All 38 Bach Flowers, as well as the famous Rescue Remedy, can be prepared with the TimeWaver Home digitally.

If you would like to find out more about Bach Flowers please click here to receive our free e-book Digital Bach Flowers


Digital Schuessler Salts

This therapy method traces back to the homeopathic doctor Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (1821–1898) and is intended to treat disorders in the mineral balance of cells. The information of the Schüßler cell salts is stored in the TimeWaver Home and can be used like Digital Bach Flowers or Digital Homeopathy.


TimeWaver Home in a Nutshell

  • The Mini-Version of the TW Frequency
  • Easily operated by “just” three buttons
  • Compact, versatile and convenient
  • Portable and intuitive
  • Always available


  • Predefined general protocols for various health issues
  • Additional therapy protocols tested by professionals
  • Can be uploaded with individualized protocols designed for personal requirements
  • Offers Digital Homeopathy, Digital Bach Flowers and Digital Schuessler Salt Remedies
The ideal holistic health support for the whole family





Science and conventional medicine do not acknowledge the existence of information fields and, therefore the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence.
Our TimeWaver results are based on treatment options, experiences and anecdotal reports from other practitioners as well as our own.

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