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Using Information Field Analysis to enhance health and wellbeing.

TimeWaver MED

With TimeWaver Med you can add a new dimension to your diagnostic and therapeutic work by offering clients a treatment that captures their own unique information field and treats them across all ten different levels.

The system includes the Microcurrent and MyTimeWaver module and analyses every influence affecting our lives. With more than 500,000 informational patterns in the database and a variety of different modules aimed at different fields in complementary medicine, it allows for a deeper understanding of, for example, the physical, energy, regulatory, frequency and psychic connections that are inherent within us. These can hold us back from experiencing higher expressions in life and greater overall wellbeing. TimeWaver is at the forefront of the ever-expanding world of information field medicine.

It is a sophisticated, non-invasive system that uses high-tech light quantum effects to detect influences affecting the body. It works by studying the body as a whole and explores the ten different levels of information that affect and encompass a person. These include:  

  • Spiritual Level

The spiritual level represents the deepest and subtlest level. Here, the information field could be optimized at its finest level by means of mantras, yantras, and meditation exercises.

  • Systemic Level

The main objective at this deeper transformational level is to detect family and karmic conflicts and to positively influence these in the information field.

  • Psychological Level

By means of positive affirmations and principles of psycho-kinesiology, psychological blockages in the information field can be detected, supported, and resolved in the following areas: balancing different areas of life, prenatal patterns, energy loss and personality development.

  • Information Level

TimeWaver works, inter alia, with information and vibration patterns of homeopathic remedies, essences and spagyrics.

  • Energy Level

The TimeWaver system reveals energetic factors that are reflected in the client’s information field. At this level for example, chakras and functional circles can be balanced using the information of crystals or symbols on meridian and acupuncture points.

  • Frequency Level

TimeWaver analyses in the information field what body, brain, or organ frequencies are possibly missing or disturbed and aims at correcting the fundamental resonances of the body there. Additionally, the frequency module database contains tens of thousands of frequencies that are associated with viruses, bacteria, parasites, or clusters of symptoms for example.

  • Physiological Processes

This database category is subdivided into genetics, cell biology, enzymes, hormones and organ functions. It allows to obtaining further details on the health condition of the client.

  • Detoxification

TimeWaver assists in detecting interfering vibrational patterns possibly caused by toxic burdens. This covers endogenous and exogenous disturbances.  

  • Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and Fungi

TimeWaver shows where possible disturbances caused by viruses, germs, bacteria, or fungi are present in the information field and suggests information field related balancing options.

  • Symptomatic Level

The TimeWaver database contains information on a wide range of remedies. It also includes the complete ICD-10 database. Each practitioner has the option to create databases of remedies used in his or her own practice.

Working at a cellular level, it sends specific information and oscillation patterns to the organs and other body systems. The patterns recorded at each of these levels provide an understanding of a person’s unique information field and therefore points to why a person is suffering a systemic or casual disorder.

By profiling health at a level that traditional methods are unable to detect, it provides a personalised solution to stimulate regeneration and encourages the body’s own regulatory processes to re-balance and create continual health improvement. This optimisation extends beyond the physical and encompasses all areas of life, since mind spirit and matter cannot be separated. It looks at a person in their totality from consciousness down to the cellular level. We believe that every human being is much more than his or her separate parts.

TimeWaver can support wellbeing and wellness by focusing on:

Cellular biology

• Biological transmutation
• Elementary metabolism
• Glucose metabolism
• Metabolic state
• Intercellular substance transport
• Storage diseases
• Cell organelles
• Cell tension
• Citric acid cycle


• Allergy information
• Drainage information
• Intoxication information
• Dietary supplement substances
• Poisoning information
• Nosode complexes/environmental toxins

Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungus

• Bacteria & Parasite intoxication
• Fungi
• Unknown pathogens
• Virus intoxication

Frequency therapy

• Brain frequencies
• Rife / Clark frequencies
• Healing frequencies based on Hz / symptoms
• Polarized light, tones and light
• Chakra frequencies
• Basic resonances of the human body
• Cell and organ attributed frequencies


• Brain frequencies
• Neurotransmitters
• Biological conflict-associated brain areas
• Limbic system

Laboratory measurements

• Laboratory measurements
• ICD 10 analysis
• Enzymes
• Hormones
• Organs


• Physical Mobility systems
• Cells
• Histoid systems
• Organ systems
• Metabolism


• Dental materials
• Dental medicines
• Dental nosodes
• Dental compounds
• Teeth and their functional circles


• Amino acid blueprint
• Chromosomes
• Genetic disorders
• Cell biology


• Homeopathic list A-Z
• Basic substances (Polychrests)
• Miasmas
• Stress harmonization
• Constitution resources
• Diverse lists of medicinal products
• Spagyrics , Bach Flowers
• Schuessler Salts, herbal extracts

Systemic Therapy

• Family relations
• Removal of foreign energies
• Transformations of main topics in life
• Systemic affirmations
• Karmic burdens
• Constellations

Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Corporal Acupuncture
• Auricular Acupuncture
• Functional circles
• Chakras
• Healing gems


• Meridian energy technique
• Diverse test systems


Science and conventional medicine do not acknowledge the existence of information fields and, therefore the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to lack of scientific evidence.
Our TimeWaver results are based on treatment options, experiences and anecdotal reports from other practitioners as well as our own.

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