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Micro-Current Frequencies

Health starts in the cell.

The basis for health

According to cytologists Dr Robert O Becker and Dr Bjorn Nordenstrom, also a Chairman of the Nobel Assembly, almost all acute and chronic diseases may be caused by a decrease in the membrane voltage of the cell.

Their model asserts that a person is just as healthy as their cells, and the cells’ ability to communicate with each other. This means the health of the cell can be linked to the simple parameter of the electric cell membrane voltage.

Ideally, a cell has a voltage of -70mV. In this state, it has enough energy to thrive and to communicate effectively with other cells. But when a disease is present, this voltage often decreases to -50mV. Pain and inflammation may arise if the decrease extends to -40mV, and the cell can mutate into a tumor cell if its membrane voltage goes down to -15mV.

The language of the cell

Communication takes place on the cellular level through frequencies, which means that certain frequencies can be assigned to certain symptoms.
These electrical frequencies can counteract extracellular acidosis and even restore the natural cell membrane voltage to -70mV.

Over his years of practical work with more than 45,000 patients, Nuno Nina collected 130,000 frequencies (the ‘Gold’ frequencies) and assigned them to specific diseases.

The TimeWaver Frequency System and the TimeWaver Home have been developed based on the knowledge and understanding of what frequencies and therapy currents can be applied most effectively. They are intended to support the cellular milieu and cell membrane voltage; the metabolism and cell division are stimulated to strengthen the ATP-synthesis (the energy production of cells) and the protein-synthesis, which together form the structure of the basic elements of the human body.


The existence of information fields as well as TimeWaver analysis and optimization are not accepted scientifically. The information field analysis is to be understood as a probability ranking by means of stochastic processes.
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