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Nuno Nina

Nuno Nina is one of the world´s leading experts in integrative medicine with several clinics in Portugal and across the globe.

Originally, his area of expertise was mathematics, systems engineering, and biochemistry, and his books are still being read by students worldwide.

Nuno Nina is the co-inventor of the TimeWaver Frequency System. True to his exploratory nature, his continuing development of new ways to use the system makes him an expert in the field. Due to his various qualifications and expertise in Systems Engineering, Mathematics, Biochemistry and Homeopathy, Nuno Nina was able to develop software and hardware that would change the way people will view their health.

This has also revolutionized the way the medical industry sees imbalances in the body and the treatment of illness and disease. In recent years, he devoted his time collaborating with some international specialist physicians and scientists to create and perfect innovative techniques in the Electro-Medical field. The result of this is a comprehensive system of treatment methods.

His therapeutic treatment protocols are available to all therapists and doctors who work using this methodology and device.

Together with a significant number of medical doctors and therapists, he has supervised more than 42,000 patients over the last 15 years, including presidents of state and famous top athletes. His creative ability, intuition, curiosity, and charisma enthuse all of those who meet him. There are now over 1000 therapists worldwide using the TimeWaver Frequency System and his methodology.

The Systematic Theory According to Nuno Nina

In cooperation with TimeWaver, Nuno Nina has developed his treatment concept over the years using the TimeWaver Systems. It includes three treatment steps and contains 130,000 frequencies from his gold-frequency database. This type of frequency therapy focuses on the cellular level and is meant to lead to lasting success on a physical, mental and emotional level.

These frequencies are suited for a broad range of symptoms and are not only focused on the treatment of individual diseases but also intend to promote the interplay of biogenetic forces in the body holistically.

The Perfect Combination

The fact that Nuno Nina and Marcus Schmieke met was a significant coincidence for both of them as well as for the world of Medicine and all its patients. This began with Nuno Nina’s experience with more than 10,000 patients, the refined treatment protocol, active enhancers made of herbs and a unique collection of his 155,000 “Gold Frequencies.” Combined with the technical possibilities of the TimeWaver System and the research, drive and motivation of Marcus Schmieke, they have developed something that is considerably greater than the sum of the individual parts: The TimeWaver Frequency System!

The existence of information fields as well as TimeWaver analysis and optimization are not accepted scientifically. The information field analysis is to be understood as a probability ranking by means of stochastic processes.
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