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The Science Behind It All
The Science Behind It All

The concept of consciousness playing an active role in all physical aspects has been known since research started in the field of quantum physics. Indigenous cultures, ancient cultures and philosophies couldn’t scientifically prove this; however, it was an important part of their teachings.
Consciousness has been identified as an important aspect to create the reality we perceive on a daily basis.

Quantum Fields in R4W

The quantum or probability field arises from the interaction between the user’s intention and the information field. Once the field is observed, it collapses immediately.

This observation or analysis is similar to an information field balancing.

TimeWaver does not communicate directly with the client, but through the currently existent quantum field with the client`s information field.

The quantum field is located in the R4 wave space, the client in the R4 particle space, a phenomenon of parallel spaces commonly known as wave-particle duality.

Actual Physical Light Quantum Effect and Oscillation Comparison:

TimeWaver uses state-of-the-art technology based on quantum physics to obtain information in its purest form.

  1. The light quantum effect uses photons which, according to Heim are the most effective light carriers.
  2. The oscillation comparison operates with two simultaneously oscillating noise sources. If we compare the two oscillation patterns with each other, we can easily and effectively establish their resonances on the information level.

Therefore, information field analysis should be carried out deliberately and with the right intention. An arbitrary or even mechanical repetition of information field analyses leads to a strong influence of the information field.

The analysis results cannot be considered separately but only in their overall dynamic. Due to this, a single measurement appears to be rather random. Together with the post-analysis however, such a method is used with intention to optimize the balancing information.

The Issue of Reproducibility

TimeWaver analysis and organ coherence analysis do not refer to the physical body. Both analyze the quantum field that is generated by the conscious and intentional contact of the practitioner with the information field. The quantum field is always only a brief representation of the intentional contact with the information field.

TimeWaver seeks to examine and then either change or eliminate the measured quantum field. Strictly speaking, this quantum physical observation causes a complete collapse of the quantum field and converts it to the analysis result. In quantum physics this is known as the “observer effect” or the “collapse of the wave function” and is a basic phenomenon of quantum physical measurements.

Therefore, a quantum measurement can be carried out only once as the measured object is no longer the same. Each additional quantum analysis requires a new consciousness character that will have altered the state of the information field and the newly generated quantum field. Due to this, the information field analyses cannot be reproduced in the classical sense.

In our understanding, it is not possible to obtain the same information from another information field analysis or to visualize the same information field condition by two simultaneous analyses. Another conclusion is that an information field analysis leads to an information field balancing and therefore any following analysis cannot be the same as the original one.


The existence of information fields as well as TimeWaver analysis and optimization are not accepted scientifically. The information field analysis is to be understood as a probability ranking by means of stochastic processes.
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