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Marcus Schmieke

Getting to Know Marcus Schmieke

Marcus Schmieke, the inventor of the information field technology and developer of TimeWaver systems, was born in 1966. In the course of his studies of physics and philosophy in Heidelberg and Hanover, he developed the vision of exploring the interaction between matter and consciousness. This synthesis between science and philosophy is the leitmotif in his life.

Marcus Schmieke is an inventor, entrepreneur, and visionary who had a career as a concert pianist and chess master as a child. Then, during his Physics studies, he decided to spend some years as a monk in an Indian monastery where he studied Vedic philosophy and architecture.  Consequently, he realized that the problems facing natural sciences today could not be solved without considering the natural law, universal principles and learning from nature about its self-sustaining capability.

Since 2007, he has been a visiting professor at Dev Sanskriti University (an internationally accredited institute) and is now the head of the IACR – (Institute for Applied Consciousness Research), where he leads several scientific research projects about the interactions between consciousness and matter. He has published numerous books and articles on this topic, and within just a few years, his ideas have enjoyed significant and unanticipated success in some countries. Today he lives and works in Kranzlin Castle close to Berlin.

Marcus and the TimeWaver

Since 1994 Marcus systematically explored the scientific background of energy medicine. Through his research and studies of medicine, physics, and philosophy, Marcus Schmieke examined the relationship between matter and consciousness. He was inspired by his meetings with the German physicist Burkhard Heim, the first person to frame a consistent quantum field theory which also included mind and consciousness.

By examining Burkhard Heim’s model of the 12-dimensional structure of the universe, Schmieke gained an in-depth understanding of the information field that includes the energetic and consciousness space. This led him to develop his system with the aim of making the underlying physics as transparent as possible and using its full potential. His first books ‘The Last Secret,' ‘Science and Consciousness’ and ‘The Life Field,' were the basis for the development of the TimeWaver device and information field analysis.

The existence of information fields as well as TimeWaver analysis and optimization are not accepted scientifically. The information field analysis is to be understood as a probability ranking by means of stochastic processes.
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